Calathes, R.I.P.

Smiter of Wrongs, Detector of Evil


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Though of roughly average height, Calathes is easily able to command attention through his impressive physique and strong personality. His stern demeanour belies his gentle and understanding nature, though he has learned through great hardship to turn from gentle to deadly when, and only when, it is necessary. Even in these moments, his simple-minded good nature does not leave him; his judgment remains fair at all times, and it is for this reason that the forces of good have recently begun to bless him with what may one day become great power.

  • Some might think this ability to keep a clear head, perhaps even his kind nature, is the product of the many hardships he faced early on in his life, that he only grew stronger where many would break, but that would be a mistaken assumption. In fact, the goodness within him was, in many ways, the reason his life went down such a different path than that of the many other children with whom he once shared equal footing. As has for a very long time been the case for many of Korvosa’s citizens, his life began in great poverty, and this only became truer as his childhood progressed. He was eventually pushed to the point where the only paths he could see before him were to become a criminal street-child or to starve to death, and through what could either have been courage or cowardice he chose to walk the former.
  • At a point of sheer desperation, he became one of Gaedren’s Lamms, often serving as a distraction once his natural proficiency with the spoken word was noticed. While this allowed him to narrowly evade any serious run-in with the law, his strong sense of morality often coupled with his more limited wits to earn him Gaedren’s wrath. When he was not able to talk his way out of such trouble, he was harshly beaten, yet even in the face of this he never turned away from what he believed to be right. While Calathes is able to talk in such a way as to give an impression of some intellect, a more keen observer might notice a limited vocabulary and frequently flawed grammar that comes from a life of nearly no education. While he was able to learn to read in his teenage years, his mind had already developed along a much different path by that point. While stronger than his intellect, his situational awareness and willpower are, in many ways, similarly hobbled.
  • As his life continued like this, he chafed more and more under Gaedren’s harsh rule, and his growing depression and outrage caused the cruel beatings to grow more and more frequent. While Calathes’ personality was often of great use, as he was even able to leverage his many bruises into pity from what might have been more watchful eyes had he not been able to distract them, kindness could also be a great liability in such a life as he was living. When he quite deliberately ruined an important heist, Gaedren finally decided that his inconveniently and insistently good nature had come to outweigh his usefulness. After showing a great deal of cruelty with a blade, even by his own standards, Gaedren cast young Calathes aside like a toy with which he had grown tired, presuming him to be dead; and he would have certainly been right in this assumption, had not a young priest shortly found the ragged body, already growing cold from the touch of death, and been able pull him back from the brink of death.
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Calathes, R.I.P.

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