Arthur Robinson

Perfectly Legal Security Contractor


Lvl 5 Archaeologist Bard

5d8+8 (38)
10 Skills (6+Human+FC+Int)
Feats: 2 round linger;Skill Focus Bluff;Defiant Luck;Inexplicable Luck
Bardic Knowledge
Archaeologist’s Luck +3 6 rounds (lingerlinger)
Clever Explorer
Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense
Lore Master
Rogue Talents: Grig Jig
Masterpiece: Pageant of the Peacock
+8 ref +5 will +4 fort
+3 bab
18 AC
Shortbow: +6 2hit; 1d6 damage x3 P
Longsword: +3 2hit; 1d8 damage 19-20 S
Morningstar: +3 2hit; 1d8 damage B/P
“The Metal Demon”: +2 2hit; 2d6 damage B (Silver)
3 Daggers: +3/6 2hit; 1d4 damage 19-20 S/P
2 Daggers (Hidden +46): +3/6 2hit; 1d4 damage 19-20 S/P
1 Acid Flask: +6 2hit (Touch); 1d6 damage Acid
13 Alky Fire: +6 2hit (Touch); 1d6 damage Fire

CMD 16

Speak and Spells:
Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Dancing Lights

Detect Metal
Obscure Object
Timely Inspiration

Boiling Blood

Acrobatics 11 (19 jump)
Bluff +15
Diplomacy +6 (
8 badge)
Disable Device +16
Disguise +10
Escape Artist +11
Perception +10
Sleight of Hand +11
Sense Motive +8
Stealth +11
Perform (Dance) +10

17 Dex
14 Cha
14 Int
14 Con
10 Wis
10 Str

Magic Items:
+1 Studded Leather
Ring of Feather Fall
Boots of Striding and Springing
Cloak of Resistance +1
Assisting Gloves
Wand of CLW 27 charges

Wooden Armour 20 gp +3 AC +3 dex -1 acpen
Shortbow 30gp
Longsword 15gp
Morningstar 8gp
Masterwork Thieve’s Tools 30(0?)gp
5 Daggers 10gp
Glass Cutter 5gp
Spell Component Pouch 5gp
40 Arrows 2gp
10 pints of Oil 1gp
4 Sunrod 8gp 2 ea
100 ft of rope 2gp
Flint an Steel 1gp
Bedroll 1sp
Blanket 5sp
40 Candles 4sp
Waterskin 1gp
18 Trail Rations 9gp
Seventy five thousand ft of twine
Weight: Probably too much
“Champion” Medal

Personal Honour +2 Bluff
Criminal Disabled Device class skill, +1 to it
Fate’s Favored luck bonuses on self increase by one

dependent: failure on a diplo check causes [Shaken] for 1 hr

Harrow Card: Juggler


Arthur Robinson

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